US Airlines fly more to Cuba

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US Airlines fly more to Cuba

Post by joy347F » Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:09 am

More airlines are preparing to fly to Cuba, according to the Wall Street Journal.

With restrictions on travel to the Communist-ruled island loosened earlier this year, four large U.S. airlines - American Airlines, JetBlue, United Continental and Delta Air Lines - will operate about 25 weekly flights to Cuba for charter companies by the end of the year, the report says.

Charter companies estimate about 400,000 Americans will fly to Cuba this year vs. 250,000 last year, the report says. In January, President Obama liberalized travel rules to Cuba for students and religious and cultural groups.

American has been flying to Cuba for two decades. JetBlue arrived last month. United Continental and Delta are resuming weekly service to Cuba after a seven-year hiatus, the report says.
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Re: US Airlines fly more to Cuba

Post by zstatman » Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:03 pm

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Re: US Airlines fly more to Cuba

Post by DudleyGrunt » Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:16 pm

Interesting, but since it doesn't really relate to "Getting Started Geocaching", I've moved it to "Off Topic".
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Re: US Airlines fly more to Cuba

Post by Coffee Peddlers » Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:39 pm

Since the embargo to Cuba, American's have been flying to Cuba via Canada. We've enjoyed the visits, its too bad we'll be loosing you guys :( But good for Americans since it will be easier to travel there. Being Canadian and born after the missile crisis, the whole anti-Cuba mentality is lost on me. I don't support their way of government and I personally would not travel there, but to each their own.
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