Birthday present!

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Birthday present!

Post by SweetDevil_Nia » Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:05 pm


I have an unusual question ...

I'm not a cacher myself, but very good friends are and one of them has a birthday coming up this month ... I wanted to make a special present thats why I'm here.

I'd like to give her an geocoin (an active on that she can maybe use here in Germany if she wants) from USA ... maybe one of you can help me. I'd appreciate that very much.

Many thanks

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Re: Birthday present!

Post by DudleyGrunt » Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:53 pm

I'm sure they'll appreciate it. Generally, geocoins are trackable on There are several companies that make and sell them online.

Just a couple of sites are...

Coins & Pins

Good luck!
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Re: Birthday present!

Post by Sabrefan7 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:02 pm

I have bought s few items from this site they seem pretty good.

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Re: Birthday present!

Post by Aveline » Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:47 am

I tkink it's a great birthday present.

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Re: Birthday present!

Post by KittyCathy » Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:05 pm

I agree. I'd love to get something like that.

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