Begging for a find

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Begging for a find

Post by TermiteHunter » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:22 pm

The infiltrator moving cache is finally back out in the wild.

After more than 11 months in the hands of one cacher it has been placed in GCNMKM on Bell Isle in Detroit.
This storied cache was featured in the OCNA Blog and on the Gearheads Podcast (though not mentioned by name) It's last two finds have been hand to hand transfers both of which lead to lengthy hold times with occasional e-mails from me asking for the cache to be hidden.

Well it is back out there where it should be but this last placement requires a boat ride and admission fee. At least it is in an existing GC cache this time and may be found by someone unfamiliar with OCNA which was it's intent. Hopefully someone will pick it up and explore the site but I am also being proactive. I have actually looked up every OCNA cache in the area and sent a message to those that have hidden and found caches on OCNA and asked for their assistance in getting this cache active again.

I can only hope that it moves on once again.

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