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Virtually Real Caching

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 11:37 pm
by TermiteHunter
Hey, OCUS used my forum to promote their site so I thought it only fair that they(we) return the favor.

I am the Admin for my local forum and we have a new game for members.(and any that are interested)
It is a not quite site for finding caches virtually and in reality. Actually it is a forum but set up to be a sort of virtual geocache site.
Something new from something old (read how it came about in a short version on our forum)

Virtually Real Caching
Is just that. Virtually Real.
Real sites that are found from home using Google Streetview. You find it, collect an image of it and post a find for a virtual visit.
If you are more adventurous you can visit the location in reality and take a photo that is posted as another find.
It is easy
It is fun
It can be challenging
You do not need to be a local to the area to play (so feel free to join and play along)

You do need to join proboards to view the site. You can then "register" for the sites you are interested in including all of those on Probaords.
My local forum is above the new site I would ask you to check out and comment on (here or there) is

There are instructions on how to play as well as videos for those that like to SEE how it is done.
Please visit, Please Play, Please comment.

Re: Virtually Real Caching

Posted: Mon May 28, 2018 12:23 am
by TermiteHunter
Thanks BonEcho for joining both sites and being the premier finder of Virtual VRC's.

This just shows that a non-resident member can and will find VRC's in an area that he is completely unfamiliar with. In fact he states that he avoids using the Clues to find them and still manages to make many of them.

If this interests you at all please do join the VRC forum and make a few finds.
I find it fun to find the Anywhere and Time Travel ones since they can be found anywhere in the GCGC area.
BE has been making the rounds in the County selections to great success.

Give it a try. Something to kill some time, fill that urge to cache when you can't get out and something else to do when you need it.

Re: Virtually Real Caching

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:07 am
by Loadholt
Why does he refuse to use the Clues? To add to the challenge?

Re: Virtually Real Caching

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:23 pm
by TermiteHunter
Just adding to the fun and challenge. The clues can pretty much give it away making it very easy in some cases.

Give it a try. All are welcome.

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Re: Virtually Real Caching

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2019 8:50 am
by Easterling
Do people usually prefer more difficult spots to figure out btW?

Re: Virtually Real Caching

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 9:36 pm
by ithink314
I usually prefer getting out of the house. I just heard about Safari caches on (and maybe others), and they seem a little similar to these, so I may give them a go.

"Free" forums are only free as in beer. They're not at all free as in Freedom. Also, IMO, splintering off from opencaching is a bad thing when there's already a problem with "fragmentation." I think it would be much better to devote the time and effort to opencaching development.