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Blog Template redesigned

Posted: Thu May 09, 2013 9:52 pm
by Mr.Yuck
That old template ticked me off. I had a guy make a nice transparent header, and it looked like crap. Played around a little, and came up with what you see now. I tried to stick to "our colors" as seen here on the website. Is there too much blue? The links don't have to be blue. I don't know, let me know. The "sidebar", as it's called, looks 100 times better in this template, in my opinion.

EDIT: I lost the Meta Tags and Sitemap with the update (replaced them, of course), so Googlebot and Bingbot need to show up soon. :lol:
The standard font in that template was kind of small, I made it 16 px for the actual blog posts. Please feel free to comment, but I think it looks much better now.