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Re: Garbled Emails

Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 2:39 pm
by Mr.Yuck
Bumpity bump. We got an email relay provider a few weeks ago. We'd never used one before. I just noticed at the 2nd backup, 3rd email address I receive all the emails sent to octeam at (which includes new cache submissions) were no longer "garbled". Previously, all new cache submissions coming into that email address were garbled, but I never thought anything of it, being that it was the 2nd back-up. And not all emails to that address were garbled, just the new cache submissions. So there you go, that could be solved for almost everyone now. Not that I was intentionally trying to fix it or anything. :mrgreen:

Re: Garbled Emails

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:03 pm
by TermiteHunter
I have solved my garbled email issue.
Change my provider.
Now that I am on ATT's Uverse I have had no problem with messages from OCNA.
Unfortunately I had switched a while back and can't test the solutions that have been tried.

Now that I am getting logs and such along with the DG and SFCC visit to the area for the DCC and my own earlier contest I have paid more attention to the " A new log has been posted to one of your caches" mailings.
I just find this "bug" weird and not a real problem. It's just a matter of sloppy "if / then" programming.

The following is at the end of each e-mail following any logs that were entered:

A new log has been posted to a watched cache: No new log entry.

Really it should check for a log before printing the line of text eliminating the need to print " No new log entry."
But hey that's how it was written and it works. Just feels off.