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Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:53 pm
by TeeVee
I'm confused. It seems like my account is not loggin in properly. If I try to do anything I'm prompted with the login box. I also don't see a link to list a cache.

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Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:16 pm
by glorkar
Try clearing the cookies in your browser and logging back in. What browser are you using?

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Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:02 pm
by authorized users
We have to log in twice. The first attempt we make to log in, we get an error page. When we try to log in immediately after that, it works just fine. We are currently using Firefox 5.0.

This is only an annoyance, but at least it is one we can deal with... at which end is the problem?? :?:

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Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:17 pm
by RVRoadTrip
Sounds like a cookie issue to me... delete all the cookies from the site then restart your browser. I also use FF 5 and have no issues at all. Let me know if you still have any trouble...

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Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:26 pm
by TermiteHunter
I just received a message from another cacher that he was having issues logging into the site. The first time I attempted to login a page opened indicating that my browser was not accepting cookies from OCus. The 2nd attempt completed with no issues. I can replicate the same events each time I close the browser and attempt to login. Logging out and then logging back in without closing the browser works fine. I have had no problems like this until tonight.

This issue does not occur when the browser is set to stay logged in and the password is saved. Only when attempting to log in on a newly opened browser that does not automatically login for you.

Possible cookie issue but to have a similar problem with multiple people with no prior problem on the same evening indicates that there may be something causing it on the sites end rather than just the user.

Win 7 ultimate 64bit IE8 (Maxthon shell)
Win 7 pro 32bit IE8
iPod touch safari

you may all now post that you use Firefox / Chrome and have no problems logging in. We should all be using Linux anyway..

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Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:01 pm
by TermiteHunter
I have always had to log in twice to the site (saved login or entered each time)
The first just returns to the page
The 2nd will always take.

Maxthon or IE8

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Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:17 pm
by TermiteHunter
While checking out the map of caches in the Raleigh NC area I noticed that the map still shows several in Charlotte that are no longer available.
I had several in Charlotte that are now archived for various reasons but still show on the map. I would hate for someone to venture into the area thinking there are more OCNA caches than there really are.
Clicking the icon brings up the cache page that does state that it is archived but that could easily be missed as it is not a dominant feature on the page.

Can we get archived caches to not display on the maps?
Perhaps make the "Archived" appear more prominent on the cache pages?

**Sorry, just found the "Hide Archived" choice on the map****
Just make sure you have that checked before heading out

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Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:35 am
by DudleyGrunt
I've had a similar issue with logging in 2x's. Will check with sp2ong (from EU dev team) to see if he's got any ideas or can help us out with that.

May be good to have a more prominent "ARCHIVED" label on cache pages, too. Will ask about that, too.

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Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:32 am
by TermiteHunter
Today it was a little different. After the initial login I land on a "an error has occurred" page suggesting I have cookies off or some other problem.
2nd login worked as usual. I have encountered the error page in the past but not as consistently as it happened today.

The larger, more prominent ARCHIVED would be beneficial for those that don't realize the archived caches may be shown on their map if they do not check the proper box.

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Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:29 am
by TermiteHunter
I log in each visit to the site (password not saved)
Login requires logging in twice to be successful. First time returns the error.
If I follow a link to the site such as in a notification of a new cache I only need to login once to access the site.