Building a Digital Library of Local History Texts

Discussion about virtual caches with a historical theme.
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Building a Digital Library of Local History Texts

Post by BlueStone » Sat Nov 27, 2010 4:00 pm

I've gathered quite a library of digital copies of books, old pictures/postcards, and maps relating to local history for my area (Western NY state).

I have about 500 books, 8GB worth of .pdfs. I'm trying to make a DVD, that I can pass out to local cachers & friends, which opens a localised (on your computer only) webpage, that has an index of the texts, which are links to open the .pdfs in your browser.
I'm trying to organize the main index so you can choose whether it will sort by Title, Author, Subject/Keyword, Pics/Postcards, & Maps.

Unfortunately, my HTML skills are non-existent, so I'm learning XHMTL & CSS as I go.

ANyway, I was wondering if anyone else had built a similar collection, and had any advice, or resources for sourcing such books, maps, & pics.

I'll add some of the good online links I used to gather my collection from, to this post, once I get a list of them put together.

I'd like to encourage others who are interested in documenting their local history to do the same. As far as how this relates to caching, I would hope it would encourage cachers to place better history-based caches.

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