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Disneyland Shut Down for "Suspicious" Note

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:49 am
by DudleyGrunt
Borrowed from the Podcacher forums...
batsgonemad wrote:For those who may not know about this ... 96953.html
DudleyGrunt wrote:
Sonny wrote:
DudleyGrunt wrote:Saw Jeremy's call for a retraction. Anyone know what the "suspicious object" actually was? Was it really just a piece of paper with some "spiritual goodwill" note written on it?
I had seen some articles that said it was a Geocache, but MANY more that just said it was a Spiritual Goodwill Message.
Yeah, I saw that, but guess I was dumbfounded that what was, apparently, just a piece of paper would cause such a stir. If that is the case, then it doesn't bode well for Munzees and BITcaches.

I double checked and the only caches in or immediately around Disneyland (on mulitple sites) are all virtuals. However, there are several Munzees directly in the park.

If a piece of paper with a "spiritual goodwill message" on it can close down the park, why would something like a Munzee not have the potential to cause the same concern.

Even though there is no container, I believe many of the same considerations should be taken into consideration.
In short, I believe we still need to be considerate of where BITcaches are located. In relation to Munzees (also, generally stickers or laminated placards), I've tended to hear people in other forums or on podcasts seem to indicate that you can pretty much put them anywhere, since there is no container. In fact, some spots may be better suited for a virtual, where nothing physical needs to be placed. Just something to think about, before deciding on the right cache type for a given area.

Re: Disneyland Shut Down for "Suspicious" Note

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:48 am
by DudleyGrunt
An update from the Podcacher forums...
DudleyGrunt wrote:
TAZ427 wrote:That said, it wasn't a piece of paper in a park. It was a PVC container hanging in a tree at the entrance to Disneyland (or at least that's what I'm reading.) I'm glad it wasn't a Geocacher who put it there or Munzeer? what's the noun form of someone who does Munzees?

Anyway, even as a Geocacher, I'd be suspicious of a PVC Pipe at the entrance to Disneyland knowing that a container cache would never be approved to be placed there. For the same reason the Washington DC area is mostly void of container caches (plenty of Virtuals)
Thanks. That's what I'd been trying to figure out and all I could find as "spiritual message of good will", not any description of what it was. My best guess, since not container or physical object was being described was that it as a note / paper. I take it you've gottent that from some other article about the event?
So, per TAZ427, it may have actually been a physical container (though, not a cache) that caused the alarm at Disneyland.

Per this article, from the school the man who left the item was with, states that it WAS just a rolled up piece of paper with "ornate" writing on it.
Rohnert Park man accidentally triggers weekend bomb scare at Disneyland

Either way, it's always a good thing to carefully consider the appropriateness of the cache type for the location you are considering.