Have you seen a guy with a rifle?

Unusual experiences on the trail while Geocaching
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Have you seen a guy with a rifle?

Post by TermiteHunter » Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:25 pm

While replacing one of my more difficult cache placements in a local park I noticed a City Cop slowly driving on the park entrance road. I walked through the woods to greet him and let him know what I was doing. "Oh they do that here too?" was the only cache related discussion. Apparently a driver had called in that there was a young man walking up the nearby main road with a rifle strapped over his shoulder and he was looking for this guy. That has been my only encounter with a LEO.

I have received logs for some of my caches that involved the seeker of the cache hearing what they thought were gunshots and then being told to move along by officers a short time later. Unfortunately for me these tend to be from caches that I placed very near to home but then I do live "up in the hood" now. Wasn't that way when I moved here but it seems to be now.

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Re: Have you seen a guy with a rifle?

Post by DudleyGrunt » Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:04 pm

Your only LEO encounter? Wow. I've had several. None very negative. The worst was with a security guard for a power company in Philly. We weren't even on their property, but on a public river walk type area and he cam down barking at us that we needed to leave. I was tempted and maybe even started to get into it with him, but that would just cut into our caching time.
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