No ticket? No cache for you

Unusual experiences on the trail while Geocaching
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No ticket? No cache for you

Post by Mr.Yuck » Sat Oct 10, 2015 7:31 am

I'll get this thing started. This was an OCNA cache, although it is cross-listed on The cache in question is in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh, and I stopped by on the way home from GW XIII in Boonsboro Maryland in May, 2015. This popular large County park has 2 main roads, and I'd describe them as a "v" shape. Like so: > I came in on the lower part of the sideways "v", and found I couldn't get within .50 miles of this cache, nor was there any sign of a trail. So I drove all the way to the "point" of the v, and started on the other road. I knew I was on the right track; what other possibility could there be? However, after only about 1/4 mile on this road, I saw an Allegheny County Sheriff's car, then shortly after, came to a tent set up in the middle of road with another Allegheny County Sherrif's car right near the tent. Tent was manned by two dudes who said it was a gay picnic, and I needed a ticket to get in. The cops were obviously around in case anyone had a problem with this. So there you have it, I couldn't find this cache because 1/3 of an Allegheny County Park was closed off for a gay picnic with police enforcement.

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Re: No ticket? No cache for you

Post by DudleyGrunt » Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:59 pm

Well, I suppose there are often events at parks ,including weddings, family reunions that have areas reserved. Don't know about needing a ticket or being prevented (or intimidated) from accessing other areas of the park, though.
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