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Waypoint Shortcut URL -

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:47 am
by DudleyGrunt
I've been using as a short cut for OpenCaching.US for a while, but had never actually visited the main site, until now.

Not only does it work with all these sites, it's shorter than using Groundspeak's

Currently supported listing pages:
OU - - North America
OB - - Netherlands
OC - - Germany
OK - - UK
OP - - Poland
OS - - Norway / Sweden
OZ - - Czech Republic

GA - GeoCaching Australia
N -
OX - Garmin
TC -

GC -
PR - profiles
WM -

Currently supported Trackables:
GK -
TB - Travelbugs

Usefulness of using this is that if you know the waypoint, you can amend it to the URL, to create a shorter one.

Such as...

Not Those Six Flags (OU0001) by kedge
URL options would be...

It doesn't give anyone access to anything they wouldn't have by using the longer URL, but I find it easier to remember and it takes up less space, when sharing links.