Reviving archived G$ virtual caches

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Re: Reviving archived G$ virtual caches

Post by TermiteHunter » Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:39 pm

I like the inability to log ones own caches. It just seems wrong to me and we do have comment and maint for CO's but that is a personal preference.
But really.... if they have the cache listing they can still log a find on an archived or inactive GC cache so that was a poor reason to create a listing just to log.

We even have a cache locally where you get to log an archived cache. The idea was that you are communicating with the dead and coordinates are revealed at the cache for an archived cache nearby. The original CO left it in place so the other cache utlizes it as a part of his cache. I thought it was a great idea and occassionally the Dead cache gets a log from a finder of the active cache. sorry no link to the deceased.

If it had not been for a log on an archived cache I might never have followed up and created a cache that is currently OCNA's (unofficially) oldest (being created long before OCNA started) by reviving an abaondoned cache no longer possible to list on GC due to proximity

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Re: Reviving archived G$ virtual caches

Post by Andronicus » Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:45 pm

Bon Echo wrote:...
However, not too sure that the owner of the original listing (outforthehunt) will be thrilled to see his description was copy-and-pasted (read: plagiarized) to create the OCNA listing.
Please, if you didn't write it, don't use it.
I tried to made it clear on the cache page that this was not my work, but that of outforthehunt. I now see how it would be easy to miss the note, as the 'short description' here appears directly below the title, rather than directly above the description (like does). I think I will add the note down in the cache description as well.

I listed this as a virtual, rather than waiting for the new Bench Mark type in an effort to keep this as similar to the original First Post virtual series as I could.

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